Beyond Executive Search

We serve a client base of complex organizations with sophisticated human capital needs. In order to be of value to our client organizations, we also provide professional consulting and advisory services in order to optimize client organizations.

Board Development Consulting
We work with clients in the assessment of their existing Board of Directors, assessing strengths and weaknesses. We work with the Board to craft a Board development strategy to enhance organizational goals – deeper understanding and practice of governance, greater fundraising capabilities, or increased diversity.

Management Team Assessment
Clients have asked us to assess the caliber of management team members in order to craft thoughtful, strategic professional development plans. Often, this is part of the succession planning process.

Succession Planning and Executive Transition
We work with clients to design and execute a well thought out executive transition plan, factoring in what the Board of Directors must do, how staff is enlisted in and impacted by the process, and what the outgoing executive can be doing to prepare the Board, staff, and community for this critical transition.

Sally Carlson, Managing Partner
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For Clients:

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