How We Work

The nonprofit sector is challenged today as never before. The philanthropy sector strives to make every dollar invested have more impact. We know that, in these challenging times, who you know can be as important as what you know. Our Partners have deep expertise as executives and Board-level volunteers in the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors. We understand the impact of emerging trends in these sectors and the impact on the leadership talent pool. We have cultivated a national network of clients, candidates, and colleagues through our experience in executive search and our direct professional experience in the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors.

We work on an exclusive, consultative basis with our clients. We are fully invested in positive outcomes, acknowledging not only how we can influence an organization’s future success but also how our influence can affect an individual’s professional trajectory; we take these responsibilities seriously.

We typically assemble a team of three professionals to each search engagement – Partner, Principal and Project Director. Each engagement is Partner led and executed to an extent that is unusual in the executive search profession.

We apply a rigorous methodology which consistently underpins our search process:

TestCommitment: We are members of our client’s team, stewards of the search
process, representatives of the client to the talent market. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand their organizational culture and idiosyncrasies and craft a detailed, nuanced position specification. We take ownership and accountability in managing the process to ensure a successful and timely result. Our work is completed with the client is satisfied, and not before.

Transparency: Our process is clear and well documented including defined time frames and milestones to evaluate progress. We communicate consistently to avoid surprises, and to ensure that we are on target and on track.

Trust: We are direct, honest, and consultative with our clients in assessing candidates. We provide straightforward evaluation of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. We provide honest feedback to candidates to help them with their professional development. Our clients and our candidates elect to work with us because our standard of care and quality consistently exceeds their expectations.

Passion: We are committed to the nonprofit and philanthropy sectors, both professionally and personally. We are mission driven. We are purposeful.

Sally Carlson, Managing Partner
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For Clients:

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