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Executive Search steeped in philanthropy & nonprofit sector expertise.

We help leaders make well-informed, contextual decisions for the executive leadership and strategic future of their organizations.


We understand what’s at stake – your organization’s future.

At Carlson Beck, we view leadership transition as an inflection point in an organization’s evolution. To this end, we see our role in the process as serving as your trusted adviser, offering objective, professional, high-value counsel.


Purpose-Driven Executive Search for Mission-Driven Organizations


We engage deeply with our clients to gain insight into the “whole person” that each candidate brings to the search process and leadership role and responsibilities.


Through strategic partnership, we establish a heightened sense of mindshare about the organization and its culture, opportunities, and challenges, to form key experiences and competencies, as well as attributes and characteristics required for success.


We create a finely honed lens through which we view strategic and prospective leadership talent; this lens reflects the acuity of our understanding of the client’s needs and the candidates’ skill sets and experience as well as motivations, aspirations, and values.


We are fully invested in whom we hold as the ultimate client, i.e., those whom our client organizations seek to serve and impact. Our goal is to find and place transformational leaders whose efforts have a positive impact on our ultimate clients; with this purpose, we are always in total alignment with our clients.


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We are fully invested in positive outcomes, acknowledging not only how we can influence an organization’s future success but also how our influence can affect an individual’s professional trajectory.


The Five Phases of Search and Transition Support

We make every effort to include as diverse a candidate pool as possible, drawing upon industry associations and organizations that self-identify potential diversity candidates.


Competitive Distinctions

  • Strategic Thought and Partnership
  • Partner-led Experience
  • Limited Search Load
  • Personally experienced in capacity building and philanthropy serving organizations
  • We have deep mindshare and shared personal experience — we serve on Boards of Directors; we are philanthropists; we are personally experienced in capacity building and philanthropy serving organizations.
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Beyond Executive Search

We also provide professional consulting and advisory services in order to optimize client organizations.