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Real Leadership and Real Community. Our business is dedicated to the philanthropy and nonprofit sectors. Our partners and professionals are long-time nonprofit executives and board-level volunteers with more than 70 years of combined experience in the nonprofit and philanthropy worlds.

Our services go beyond executive search and into visioning, consulting, assessment, and transition planning.

For Clients

Beyond Executive Search

We serve a client base of complex nonprofit and philanthropic entities with sophisticated human capital needs. We provide professional consulting services to help Boards of Directors and executive leadership optimize their organizations.

Strategic Visioning

We work with Boards of Directors to explore the organizational vision, clarifying the “why” of the organization’s presence and participation. Oftentimes, this is at the inflection point of executive transition especially following a legacy leader.

Board Development Consulting

We work with Boards of Directors, assessing strengths and gaps and then craft a Board development strategy to achieve organizational goals – clearer governance, increased fundraising capabilities, or increased diversity.

Management Team Assessment

We assess the caliber and experience of management team members as the foundation of crafting thoughtful, strategic professional development plans. Often, this is part of succession planning and executive transition.

Succession Planning and Executive Transition

We work with clients to design a well thought out executive transition plan, factoring in Board responsibilities, staff participation, and actions the outgoing executive can be taking to prepare the Board, staff, and community for this critical transition.